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Is it time to get back to work already?!!

getting back to work after baby

I know, right?! Time may have flown for you. Or it might be difficult to remember who you were before becoming a nappy-changing, baby-burping, nursery-rhyme humming superwoman.

But like it or not, mama, along with a list of baby's firsts (giggles, claps, steps...) your first step back into the workplace is on its way too. So much to get your head around in such a short space of time. Just when you thought you'd acclimatised to your new parenthood rhythm, it's time to go through yet another TRANSITION.

Wouldn't it be great to slow down time and allow your mind the reflective space to reconnect with your individual and professional identity on your own (and not only your employer's) terms?! Time to consider when, how or indeed if, you're ready to return.

Pragmatic reasons often determine when it's the time to go back, and for many that can turn into feelings of guilt, anxiety, and overwhelm... for others those emotions get buried and forgotten (for now!) But by far, the healthiest way of manoeuvring through this phase is to spend a little time:


Respecting (yourself and your decisions)

and then

Re-establishing yourself


Re-igniting your professional passions.

... and this is where Back2Life 2020 comes in!


How would you like to ... ?

Fully process your maternity story and identify your signature strengths to help you soar in your next chapter

Expertly bridge the transition between your old, new and emerging identities

Re-set your balance between life, mummying and work

Be part of group coaching sessions with an experienced chartered psychologist

Walk back into a workplace with renewed and increased confidence (...despite the sleep deprivation!)

Become part of an exclusive tribe of accomplished women ready to support and inspire each other, on the days you need it most!

Show up in your professional life more authentically than ever before.

Achieve this and more starting next month (and for an ultra-low investment as it's a pilot)

Come on in, you've found your people!

So what is Back2Life 2020?

bringing in 2020 for new mums

On this specially curated beta programme, over the course of six weeks, starting in February 2020 you'll get a unique opportunity to spend time on each phase of your matrescence journey, to help you move forward with greater clarity and confidence:

Looking back

Who was I BEFORE baby?

Identifying core values, beliefs and signature strengths

Making time to grieve (yup, grieve - saying goodbye to aspects of old you!)

Achieving clarity in and emotional freedom from your pregnancy / birth / adoption story

Where am I now?

Identifying curent strengths and challenges (and providing coping strategies)

Acknowledging internal and external support mechanisms

The Nesting Coach Self Evaluation: reviewing aspects of emotional, social, physical and financial wellbeing

Looking forward

Rebalancing your priorities

Finding practical ways to manouvere in the professional world with baby on board

Identifying the reasonable adjustments that will make your professional life fit for purpose

Re-negotiating your working terms and conditions with increased gravitas!

Why Join the Community?

Working alongside a community on these important areas of your development can provide much needed encouragement, support and accountability - with a commitment to zero shaming of personal and professional choices.

Outside of parent and baby groups and other child-focused places, it isn't common to be able to access a group of women at similar stages of their parenting and professional journey. Back2Life 2020 aims to change that.

As part of the community, group coaching calls and access to a closed Facebook group gives so many opportunities to confirm, stretch and challenge your current thinking and build a very mighty network! The community is there to support you on your journey and celebrate your wins with you.

This is the next phase in Nesting: creating the time and space to generate the best nest that will serve you socially, emotionally and professionally for the next chapter of your life.

Sounds good, but what's the investment?

professional woman aok

Exclusive Pilot Round Early Bird Price: £97

Hurry, the £97 early bird price is available for a short time only! (£149 regular price)

Six core modules of evidence-informed content

Acess to a tribe of awesome professional women with influence who are in the process of moving back into their careers after parental leave

A weekly psychologist-led safe space to facilitate personal and professional growth

Access to the Back2Life 2020 Community for the duration of the programme (and for an additional two weeks, with the option to stay in the group for a small subscription)

Access to guest experts bringing practical pearls of wisdom

Stacy Moore CPsychol. AFBPsS

About The Nesting Coach

Stacy is the Lead Psychologist of Inner Circles Educational Psychology. She founded The Nesting Coach while on her second maternity leave, calling on her experience and expertise as a psychologist to support the emotional health and well being of women transitioning into motherhood.

stacy moore the nesting coach

The Nesting Coach has provided in-person talks for parents-to-be in collaboration with Mamas & Papas, and created an online community that reaches an international audience of professional women on their motherhood journey.

Outside of her professional life, Stacy is mother of two sons. She enjoys visual and performing arts and topping up on Vitamin D in the sunshine!


Still unsure? Want to chat about it? Drop Stacy an email at:

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